Tyre Care Guide for Race Enthusiasts

In Formula 1 races, drivers are given a certain number of tires to last them the whole weekend. Each set of tyres is supplied by the same manufacturer, currently Pirelli, so that everybody has the same wheel advantage on the track. Once tyres are used and tread is worn bare, there are no replacements for the final races, which means that drivers need to be cautious with how they use the tyres they are given.


While the tyres on your Ford Focus may not run out as quickly as the tires on a race car, it’s still important to take care of them for the longest life expectancy. Tyres should be replaced every 5-10 years unless they experience damage which renders them dangerous or undriveable. This can get pretty expensive, especially if you are rolling on performance wheels. To keep your tyres in racing condition for longer, check out these tips.



Watch for Uneven Wear








Your tyres aren’t going to wear down exactly even because of the way they sit on your vehicle. There are ways to test the amount of tyre that touches the road during a drive, but one of the most common ways to tell if your car is improperly aligned is to watch for uneven wear. Are you seeing bald patches that make funny noises when you drive, or is one tire beginning to wear down more quickly than the others? This could be cause for concern, and you should speak to your mechanic about possible solutions.


Don’t drive on tyres that are unevenly matched. If one tyre is beginning to look bald, switch it out for a new one. Riding on uneven tyres could result in warped axles and a dangerous drive.



Clean and Maintain Regularly


If when you wash your car, you’re not scrubbing your tyres, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously, tyres are an integral part of your vehicle and need to be taken care of. In fact, you wouldn’t be driving anywhere at all if you didn’t have them on your car, so it’s crucial that you check them over for damage, and clean them up once in a while.


You don’t need to scrub your tyre clean if you aren’t into that brand-new tyre look, but you should go over the tread and wipe out any rocks or debris that could cause potential damage in the future. This will help to prevent a flat, and keep your wheels rolling for longer.



Check Your Pressure



About once a month, if you’re not noticing any flatness to your tyres, you should check the air pressure in your wheels. The temperature can change the pressure as you drive, and if your tyre is too low, it could slow you down by causing more friction as you drive. This makes your engine work harder which leads to excessive fuel consumption and overheating.



Rotate and Inspect with a Professional


Finally, you can’t expect to maintain your tires entirely on your own. About every 7,500 miles you should have your tires rotated and inspected for real damage by a professional. Rotating your tires helps to prevent the tread from wearing thin more on one side than the other. This is also a good time to have an alignment done to make sure that everything is straight and even with your chassis.


If your tires aren’t properly aligned, it could cause your car to pull more to one side while you drive. This can be dangerous for you, and it can warp your vehicle, or damage your tires.


The age of your tire, the amount of use they see, the type of terrain they drive on, and bad driving habits, such as speeding, all have a negative impact on your tire life. Try to refrain from breaking too fast or too hard, and don’t accelerate too quickly.


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