Race Like a Real Race Car Driver

Those who love racing, really love it, so it only makes sense that there are businesses which allow you to live the race car experience for a fee. Whether you’re a die-hard NASCAR fan, or you never miss a Formula 1 race, there are options for you to experience the real thing with trained professionals. Get into the cock pit, rev the engine on a real race car and take a timed lap around the course.


Here are a few of the North American racing options you can experience. Some packages are single day, others last an entire weekend. Call the numbers listed on the official school webpages for more information.



Allen Berg Driving School



7Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada, Allen Berg is a former Formula 1 racer. He began his career go-karting like many racers do, and then switched to real race cars in his 20’s. During his years on the F1 track, he drove for the Osella team in the 1986 Detroit Grand Prix. Now Allen runs a driving school that lets you learn the trade from a tried and true professional.


Allen’s school offers a one day, two day, and three-day program, as well as a lapping program which takes level one learners to day two. A private test program can also be purchased, so that real enthusiasts get the opportunity to ride different tracks throughout California on test days, just like the pros do. Track orientation, behind the wheel training, and a mechanical breakdown of Formula 1 cars is introduced.


If you’re really into racing, and want to test your skills against an opponent, go for the three-day race program. It costs the most, but it offers drivers the opportunity to take their new training to the track and race other students. The program is available to all levels of drivers, from novice to experienced, and lets you see what Formula 1 racing is really all about. Those who graduate from the three day program are qualified to apply to the Sports Car Club of America, We tern Canada Motorsports Association, and for a Novice Road Racing License.



NASCAR Racing Experience



If you’re more of a NASCAR lover than a Formula 1 kind of person, there’s a school for you too. The NASCAR Racing Experience allows you to climb behind the wheel of a real NASCAR and test the track with a professional racer or on your own. There are tracks available at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Dover International Raceway, Homestead Miami Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and many more. To see the full list of track options, visit the official NASCAR Racing Experience website.


As a NASCAR student, you can choose the basic package which lets you ride shotgun with a professional racer for three laps. This takes you down the track at high speed and will definitely leave you wanting more. The next package up, the double ride, offers twice as many laps as you ride along with a pro.


If you don’t want to ride along with somebody else behind the wheel, you can book a practice session where you will be allowed to learn the basics and then drive a real NASCAR by yourself for a full 5-minute timed race. Finally, the Qualifier package gives you the most hands on time for your money. Get a professional level driving education, over a 3-hour program and then take an 8-minute timed session on a real NASCAR speedway.


Invite a friend to take one of the practice sessions and check your times against one another to see who the real champ on the track is. Measure it against real race times, and maybe you’ll find that you’re cut out to be a race car driver after all. Whichever you choose, you can bet that you’ll come out feeling ready to take on the Indie 500.


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