5 Race Tips for Winning Seasons

Nobody knows racing like the pros, but how did they rise to their positions of success? It takes more than a racer’s heart to win. It takes years of practice, a great car, and a team that supports you. Here are 5 tips many racers take to heart when entering a series.


1. It Takes More Than One to Win a Race


While there may only be one to two men or women manning a cockpit at any given time, it takes more than one to win a race. It takes an entire team to carry a dream from the start to the finish line. A pit crew is an essential part of any race team; these are the men and women who understand the inner workings of your vehicle and help make it road ready before and during every race. From the individuals who change tires when the tread wears too low, to the mechanics working on the sidelines to maintain high performance vehicle standards, you want to choose the right people for the job.


When you choose a crew, you can determine how significant their help will be by experience. Check credentials such as an education in engineering, experience on winning pit crews in the past, or even retired racers with knowledge to share. Your crew can make or break your chances on the track.



2. Safety is Essential



Racing is a dangerous sport, and no matter how far back you push the fear of a fiery crash to the in your mind, there’s always a possibility that your car or the track could get the better of you. This is why it’s crucial that your car is inspected for safety before you drive, and why you should be wearing protective clothing whenever you’re in the cockpit. Dense, flame retardant material, and a helmet if required. From head to foot, including driving gloves, you should be ready to take on whatever the race throws your way.



3. Tyre Tread



Tyres are an important part of your car; they may not ignite the horsepower that gets you across the finish line, but without them you’re not rolling anywhere. Most big-time races have a specific provider which gives a set number of tyre sets to each team. If you can gain a basic understanding of how tyre pressure affects, not only your ride, but the life of your tread, you can maintain the same set for longer. No racer wants to wind up at the starting line of the final track with bald tyres, so maintaining tread is crucial to your success.



4. Know Your Competitor


Knowing who you’re driving against can be just as important as knowing your car when it comes to race day. The individual behind the wheel of the car next to yours is a potential candidate to rob you of your victory. Do a little research on car type, previous wins, timed laps, and other details of competitors you are nervous about facing on the track. If you can determine their best lap time, and beat it before race day, you’ll be far more relaxed and confident in your own game.


It’s hard to memorize the stats of every player on the track, so focus in on just your top two or three in the competition and have your team do a little intel. This is more about preparation than cheating. You don’t want to find out all your competitor’s secrets before the big event, just the stuff that’s public knowledge and could give you an edge.



5. Be Consistent


Racing is an exciting sport, and it’s constantly evolving. Racers need to evolve their game as the sport grows, but if you’re good at something, don’t change it, simply make it better. Consistency during practice will help you become an expert at something. It never hurts to learn new tricks and tips, but when something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.


For more information on racing, and our contribution to the sport, contact American Spirit Team Johansson Today. You can read more about race tips and news in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned.

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